Looking to Make Awesome Explainer videos? These 4 Video Making Software Will Help You Do Just That

YouTube has grown tremendously since the first video was uploaded to the platform in 2005. According to statistics, more than 1.3 billion people across the world use YouTube today. And each minute, 300 hours of Video are uploaded on the platform. The fact that approximately 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day, the platform has attracted the attention of many marketers and business people. They now direct their marketing efforts to YouTube. And the fact that many online shoppers gravitate towards visual content when searching for products and services online video has become the primary medium for marketers and online business owners to showcase their products and services through explainer videos.

However, for explainer videos to pop, they must be top-quality and should address customers’ needs. That means that you must use the best video recording equipment and editing software to make your videos. Luckily, this article outlines the best software to help you make the best explainer videos. Let’s check them out:

Windows Movie Maker lets you create awesome explainer videos

Windows Movie Maker is one of the best software business owners can leverage to make explainer videos. It’s adapted to the beginner video makers, thanks to its simple features and fun transitions that allow virtually everyone to make slideshows and edit their videos. It also comes with unique features that are highly personalized to allow anyone to create, edit and publish their videos. The beautiful thing about Windows Movie Maker is that it’s available to all windows users, for free.

iMovie is a great software to make scintillating explainer videos
iMovie is a software that lets you edit movies like a pro. Apple developed it, and if you use this video making software, you get a lot of free things, such as sound effects and royalty free music to apply to the videos. It also has the option to create movie trailers. The software also allows you to upload your videos directly to YouTube easily. If you’re a marketer or a business owner, iMovie is a good option when planning to make high-converting explainer videos.

YouTube video editor is a brilliant choice for creating the best explainer videos

When it comes to the best software to make product explainer videos, it’s hard not to mention YouTube video editor. This video editing software started out with basic features, such as the ability to trim your clips, organize them in a timeline, and to integrate basic transitions, as well as to integrate a soundtrack. Developers have since improved the software, and now you can create a multitude of projects, and incorporate effects to enhance the look of your videos. Even with major and minor improvements to the video editing software, it’s still easy to use. So if you are looking for a simple and free video editing tool, YouTube video auditor is a good option. YouTube video editor is available for both Mac and Windows.

Make the best explainer videos with ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow can do most of the video editing tasks you want. The cool thing about ScreenFlow is that it allows you to do transitions. It also allows you to drag clips together and it combines. In other words, it adds effects automatically, saving you the trouble of doing so. It’s also available for Mac and Windows. Screen flow comes with a host of impressive recording and editing features. It quite easy to use, thanks to the clean and intuitive interface. It also comes with excellent support systems such as quick email response to allow you get on with your video editing after a glitch. ScreenFlow is a great video making editor to consider if you want to create explainer videos for your business.


With the new generation of shoppers obsessed with videos, you must produce awesome product explainer videos to stay ahead of the competition. Happily, you don’t need to blow your budget to create great videos. The free explainer videos making software outlined above will help you along that line.

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