A Few Effective Software Tools for Creating Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Creating Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

In case you are interested in creating an explainer video for YouTube or you want to create an animated explainer video for your website, then you should look for software tools that can help you. In the recent period, more and more people are using whiteboard animations for this purpose. If you are able to do this in the right way, you can end up with an attractive and enjoyable video. Due to the fact that there are many software tools like this, we have decided to review the best of them. Check our list of effective software tools for creating whiteboard animation explainer videos.


GoAnimate is one of the first software tools in this field based on cloud technology. This is a sophisticated animated video editing and creating a platform. When this platform was created, the authors had business owners and managers with no experience in mind. With its help, you can make animated videos, save and share them from any place (cloud technology). There is no need for downloading anything.



The list continues with RawShorts, software solution that lets people get all the necessary things for creating explainer videos with appealing animations. Even if you don’t have much experience in this area and you are not really an artistic person, you can still create more than decent explainer videos. Unleash your creativity and let RawShorts help you come up with a nice explainer video for your business.



Now here’s another good option for people interested in making whiteboard animation explainer videos. PowToon is actually an enterprise that offers cloud-based software solutions focused on making animated presentations and explainer videos. With PowToon, advertising your business has become easier than ever.



As the name suggests, VideoScribe is Internet-based animation software that can be used for making whiteboard animations. It comes with a huge library that can be used online. In other words, with VideoScribe, you don’t have to make videos from scratch. More than 300000 people have used VideoScribe to create videos. Remember that this is an Adobe Flash-based program.



Finally, there is EasySketchPro, whiteboard animation video maker and editor with a simple interface and great features. If you are planning on using EasySketchPro, use the last 3.0 version. Most people use EasySketchPro when they want a professional-looking explainer video that will be shared on YouTube.

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