Create Explainer Videos for Your Brands and Products

Create Explainer Videos Brands

Explainer videos are short videos which present your brand or product is such a way that the viewer finds it memorable. They must be shot in a creative way. The format is not the only important aspect of the video. The content also plays a vital role. You must first come up with a creative idea for your video. There must be a proper script through which you can put your ideas across.

There are several advantages of advertising through videos. Firstly, text-based advertisements have been proved to be less effective than other forms of information delivery. Videos, which are a combination of animation, images, and sounds, have a more lasting effect on viewers. Videos are less likely to be forgotten by the audience. The best explainer videos also carry certain business advantages. Since videos are catchier, the probability of a customer buying your product increases manifold via video ads. Also, having a brand or product explainer video posted on your website leads to an increase in its SEO ranking. This means that if your page is displayed in the results on a search engine, it will rank much higher than other webpages.

Now comes the question of how to make explainer videos. Video-making may seem like a complicated process, modern technology and tools have made it very simple. With software such as PowToon and Moovly, you can create free explainer videos within no time. You do not need to have in-depth knowledge of video-making or video-editing either. You can make these videos yourself, with minimum expense incurred.

There are many types of explainer videos. The first and perhaps most popular kind are animated explainer videos. These are composed of a series of lively animations. They are colorful and interesting and appeal to most parts of the population. Another simplistic kind is whiteboard explainer videos. These feature a white background and a person who handwrites the content of the video on-screen and erases it as needed. These videos are very simple to make and are often minimalistic. It may seem unusual, but these videos also successfully appeal to a large fraction of the market.

These videos can be posted on your own website. If you do not own a website, you can also create a free YouTube or other video platform account. You can then publish your video on your account, and it will become accessible from all over the world. Hence, you can not only create explainer videos for free but also publish them without spending a cent.


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